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  We live in interesting times. In fact, for a generation now preachers have been reminding us at every turn that we are in the "last days." Who can forget the classic The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Linsey? And now, as we have entered the twenty-first century, the best selling Left Behind series by long time prophecy teacher Tim Lehaye presents a fictionalized version of the Pre-Millennial orthodoxy. Whereas I would not mind being "raptured" out of the coming tribulation, the Biblical evidence is not strong for this popular position. More and more, Biblical expositors are seeing the strengths of a "Post-Tribulational" explanation for what is coming. I believe this is the prudent position to take -- even if I did not have strong Biblical grounds. If I am wrong, then "Tribulation Saints" will meet the same challenges that I see coming for ALL BELIEVERS alive at the coming of the Antichrist. 

In these pages I will attempt to put together my observations of the "end times," hopefully adding to the understanding of what has happened in the twentieth century and what is most likely to happen in the first part of the twenty-first century. I am not a prophet in the supernatural sense, but I hope to "prophesy" in the general sense of "forth telling" the Word of God as I see the prophecies of old reflected in the events of our days. 

First, I will present the most remarkable "discovery" that I have made concerning the "timing" of endtime events. The "day-year" method of determining times in prophecy has been observed since the Old Testament Prophets. The First Coming of the Messiah was pretty well expected when Jesus was born due to the prophecies of Daniel. Unfornuately for much of Israel, the religious leaders were not among those that believed this. Let us begin with the "Christian Calendar

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